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Dear Mr. Trump:

Let us be perfectly clear:

“Antifa” isn’t an organization. There’s no membership, no meetings, no dues, no rules, no leaders, no structure. It is, literally, an idea and nothing more. Even the claim of this author to represent “Antifa” is one made unilaterally for the purposes of this communication and nothing more; there is no governing body nor trademark owner to dispute the author’s right to represent “AntiFa.”

“Antifa” is a neologism constructed from a contraction of the phrase “anti-fascist.” The truth is, there’s no such thing as being “anti-Fascist.” Either you are a decent human being with a conscience, or you are a fascist.

The ostensible president of the United States has, today, openly declared that he is a fascist, and that he intends to turn the military power of the United States into a fascist tool.

Now there is no question, and we can stop pretending that this man represents anything but the worst in humanity, which his supporters embody.

And that is the only effect his words will have.

It will likely be no problem for LEO to identify the author of this document, who also has maintained the “AntiFa” page on Facebook since founding it in 2017.

The author of this document is unconcerned with that inevitability because neither that author, nor this document, has been involved in a crime of any sort in any way.

But, since both the “president” and the media insist on acting as though “AntiFa” is this big, scary organization, the author supposes it’s time for “AntiFa” to make a statement.


“AntiFa supports and defends the right of all people to live free from oppressive abuse of power, whether that power is unjustly derived from wealth, status as an employer, or political popularity.

Particularly, AntiFa defends and supports the right of oppressed and marginalized people to protest, march, and engage in civil disobedience in pursuit of justice. While it is never our intent to engage in violent or destructive behavior, we cannot and will not take responsibility for telling people how they are allowed to be righteously outraged. We prefer and encourage non-violent action. We also understand that some people just aren’t feeling that nice anymore. Their feelings are entirely justified, and it is neither our role nor our privilege to tell them otherwise.

Mass civil disobedience is what happens when people say they’re hurting and whoever’s hurting them refuses to stop.

Stop hurting them. Fix your broken systems. Get real and meaningful psychological evaluations and background checks – police in some nations have to pass a more stringent test to carry pepper spray than any police department in the US, or the US military, have in place. As a direct and possibly deliberate consequence, our military and paramilitary personnel simply cannot be assumed to be fighting in the interests of the people of this country.

We’ve all seen the photos. This destruction and burning and looting is largely the behavior of outsiders; white people taking advantage of the situation both to enrich themselves by looting under cover of the protests, and to provide excuses for uncontrolled fascist elements within our military and police forces as plausible cover for killing more black, brown, and poor people without fear of sanction. The so-called “accellerationists” who have committed to ensuring that, any time a marginalized community stands up and demands justice, construct a narrative of criminality and destruction that white bigots and affluent oligarchs who benefit from our broken system to validate their bigotry and injustice retroactively. They are successful in this for two reasons: because people like you are easily manipulated in your banal, self-serving ignorance, and because people like you are more than happy to passive-aggressively reap the benefits of pretending to believe this destruction is the act of the oppressed.

This game has gone on for decades on an endless loop since the very dawn of the civil rights era, and we the people are saying ‘no more.’”

And that, “President” Trump, is your solution. No more. Get the dirt out of your law enforcement and your military. Get the dirt out of your government and administration. Ideally, resign now and take your VP and cabinet with you; Nancy Pelosi isn’t a great deal of improvement, but she’ll only be president for a few months.

You can’t arrest 100 million of us, sir, and you would be well-advised not to try. If you think that targeting and “making an example of” the author of this document will get you anywhere, you may rest assured that this author is more than prepared to allow his real name to be used as a rallying cry for justice and civil disobedience from coast to coast.

It is time for you and everyone who thinks like you to understand that whether black, red, brown, white, or any other color, Americans are done living in a nation of empty platitudes and broken promises.

Traditionally, this type of document is accompanied by a list of “demands.” Here are our demands:

-Universal single payer health care, without regard for citizenship status.
-Universal basic income WITH a federal job guarantee, under which the federal government becomes the “employer of last resort.” Involuntary unemployment is a function of profiteering by fascist capitalist oligarchs who are willing to sacrifice the lives of others for their own enrichment. It must end.
-The abolition of “right to work laws” which do exactly the opposite of ensuring anyone’s right to work.
-Publicly funded higher education.
-Robust and effective social welfare programs to include child care, education, employment training and counseling, parenting skills training, and life skills training including fiscal education.
-A requirement that functional proficiency in media, political, and economic literacy be demonstrated to graduate high school.
-The creation of a publicly funded non-partisan media source to serve as the primary source of government information, to be overseen and managed day to day by a coalition of well-known communicators, political scientists, and other experts in propaganda to strip ALL bias from official information before it is broadcast.
-Federal charges of treason filed against anyone willfully and knowingly attempting to minimize public perception of the impact and risks of the coronavirus.
-Reform of whistleblower laws to ensure they have teeth, and particularly to ensure that a whistleblower, acting in good faith, is not identified to the public, ever.

In the end, Mr. “President,” the simple reality is that “AntiFa” isn’t a thing. You can’t end it, you can’t arrest it, and you can’t silence it. Nor, in any decent nation, would the attempt even be made.

“Antifa” means “Anti-Fascism.” The only position that opposes that is fascism. In the end, there is no “organization” that you can “declare terrorists.”

You, sir, and yours, are the terrorists, and your victims are done putting up with it.

America is not, in spite of having an openly admitted fascist as “president,” a fascist nation. We’ve had wars about this. The fascists are 0-2.

Please, Mr. “President” – let’s not try to make it 0-3? Because it will never, ever be 1-2, and none of us wants to see the death toll from your attempt to make it so.

Currently, media and other actors wishing to contact this author may do so through the page. Should Mr. Zuckerberg, who has displayed plenty of authoritarian and fascist tendencies himself, decide not to host that page any longer, this document will be updated.

Best Regards,

American Genocide

Make no mistake. THIS IS A GENOCIDE. Gleefully being played out without one bomb being dropped, without one bullet being fired.
The only weapon is money and a convenient coincidence.

Make no mistake. THIS IS A GENOCIDE. Gleefully being played out without one bomb being dropped, without one bullet being fired.

The only weapon is money and a convenient coincidence.

That video was from two days ago.

This is by no means up to date. It’s from the afternoon of April 3, 2020.
Global cases: 1,050,777 US Cases: 257,773
That’s 24.53% for us.
Global deaths: 55781. US Deaths: 6586
That’s 11.8% for us.

Let’s take a look at this. Thers’s been warnings for years. Many years. There were warnings to this administration to prepare for a pandemic dating back to 2017. There were exercises by the pandemic response team that prompted these warnings. They were told to strengthen the stockpile of necessary medical equipment and medications. The Trump administration disbanded the pandemic response team in 2018. In September of 2019, the administration was again warned of a pending epidemic and to strengthen the stockpile. On December 31, 2019, the administration was told of coronavirus in China. Strengthen the stockpile. The administration has been sending equipment overseas, bowing to corporations to sell to the highest bidder. Those companies (3M, et al) continued to sell to countries overseas until March. The president has yet to enforce the Defense Production Act, treating it as merely a suggestion.

All the while, he has refused to invoke a nationwide lockdown, allowing Republican governors in the midwest and south to deny science, claim ignorance or as it would seem to some of us, change nothing for their constituents and continue on as usual. They are allowing for gatherings for religious groups, where close contact and every action possible to spread the virus is encouraged.

Doctors, nurses, naval officers, and essential workers are being fired for speaking out in an effort to save lives. Doctors and nurses and workers are having to isolate themselves from their families and work while sick. Some are quitting because they are choosing their lives and the amount of death is too much to bear. Some are having their pay and hours cut. Some doctors are dying. There is talk of enlisting dentists to aid. There is also some talk of enisting veterinarians. If there was ever a time for free college tuition, this is it. It must be made vastly easier to replace the healthcare providers that we are losing daily, either through PTSD or death.

Families are unable to say goodbye to their loved ones. At the pace of mortality, there is no way for morgues and funeral homes to keep up and it is any one’s guess as to when families and communities will be able to gather to mourn the lost.

And all this BEFORE we even think about the robbery that is being committed right in front of our eyes or the countless lives lost as a domino effect – those who could not be reached in times of other life threatening emergencies, those who cannot afford their medications, those who will take their lives out of desperation or as a misguided preventative measure. The inevitable newly homeless families. The children without mothers.

While this is a time when every working citizen who is able should be storming the offices of our elected officials in Washington DC demanding for our lives, we are stuck in our homes, doing the most patriotic thing we can do. Watch “Tiger King.” Or do as I do, seek understanding of the cruelty what I see happening before me.

To give credit where credit is due, there are those who recognize their wealth and privilege and are giving in ways that we have come to not expect. To them I say your are blessed by the spirit of God.

And then there are those who recognize their wealth and privilege and seek to increase it while standing on piles of body bags.

This is America 2020.



Making Retroactive Abortion a Real Thing Yet Easy Way

How about this?

Line your children up in the street and make them sleep there. Starve them.
Drown them. Set them on fire. Envelope them in toxic air. Poison everything that touches them. Charge them lots of money for it all. And then throw them in jail when they can’t pay.

Because that’s what’s already happening. If you are against an honest, moral, ethical and consistent candidate who has been fighting for YOU, not big donors, his entire life you are essentially telling your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews one thing: “I don’t give a fuck about you.”

You have no right to be upset when your children show their disdain for you. You earned it. At least I know that my child understands that I was and will always be on her side.

Things Never Heard Ever

“I want to be homeless because I was forced to give birth to a child I cannot afford to feed or house.”

“I always dreamed of going bankrupt because I got sick.”

“I want to die a slow, painful death because profits for a few people are the shit.”

“I love working 3 jobs and still not being able to rent an apartment.”

“Sure, I would love to pay $700 for an Epipen.”

“I told my Black son to not walk down the street minding his business but he didn’t listen. He’s dead now. That’s on him.”

“I want things to stay exactly the way they are. I can barely buy food after I pay my rent but I’m good with that.”

Needless to say that the last month or so, particularly the last few days, have left me stunned and disgusted over the mentality of the voting population.

The choice has always been clear and yet here we are.

Born Progressive

Because I was born progressive. I was blessed and cursed with heightened compassion and empathy.

Because my first memory is 52 years old. The memory is that of my mother crying in front of the TV when Martin Luther King was assassinated two days before my 4th birthday.Because I grew up reading 2 or 3 newspapers a day. And learned how to discern bias. Because I read as much as I could and gained critical thinking skills.Because there are people starving when they are working the only two jobs that they could get even though they are well-qualified to do other things.
Because there are people still being murdered because of the color of their skin and the religion they practice. And their murderers are getting away with it.
Because women are still dying giving birth and are still being told what they can and cannot do with the bodies that their god gave them. Because women are still being forced to have children they can neither feed or house adequately. And being punished for having to work 100 hours a week without safe, reliable child care.
Because income equality.
Because I am an eyewitness the destruction of the American middle class and the criminalization of the poor. Because I grew up in the middle class, entered the workforce at the beginning of the Reagan era, worked myself to exhaustion more than a few times, and have been unemployed or shamefully unemployed since the first George W. Bush inauguration.
Because people who worked and saved all their lives are having to decide between food and medication.

Because people are dying needless, premature deaths, caused by diseases they can’t afford to treat and their basic human needs are poisoned. Because death profit – all over the world.

Because there will half a million men, women, and children sleeping on the streets, in their cars, in tents, under bridges, and in cardboard “shelters” tonight. Because there are politicians who, instead of creating housing from the abandoned buildings in their cities, choose to criminalize those whose only crime is being poor. Many due to no fault of their own.

Because corporate media refuses to do their jobs and give us the truth about the situation the world is in. Because those who speak truth are being pushed aside. Because the voices of the people who fight for a better world are being drowned out. Or go uncounted and unheard.

Because hurricanes and flooding and wildfires and heatwaves and drought. Because climate refugees, who will undoubtedly be primarily black and brown people will be turned away from many borders.
Because people with a lot of money and an incredible sense of privilege and entitlement have very regressive and dangerous ideas.
Because men and women who were brave enough to go to other countries to fight and watch their brothers and sisters die are living on the streets, waiting months to see a VA doctor, and killing themselves because their service no longer means anything.
Because people are being shot to death at astounding rates.
Because kids are literally being bullied to death. Because kids don’t feel safe anywhere. Because people of color have to teach their children the Bill of Rights hoping it will keep them alive.
Because I see the bigger picture for our children’s future and it is not pretty.
Because children are in danger of having the only meal they will have most days taken away or they are ridiculed and humiliated because they are 40 cents short on lunch money.
Because we may not have the same viewpoints but we do have the exact same basic needs and every last one of them is being threatened.
Because I was fortunate enough to have parents who encouraged me to discover, learn, and think for myself.
Because a child named Freedom should not have to grow up to be a slave.
Because no one has the right to tell others how to live, how to pray, what to learn, and how to love. And there should be no laws dictating how to live, how to pray, what to learn and how to love.
Because Jesus Christ.

Because I stand with each and every person marching for justice, equality, and their lives. Because I have a heart and a soul and they hurt every day. Not for me. For all of us.

Yeah… I’m a progressive. Sorry… Not sorry. My question is:




It’s Not Like We Weren’t Warned

Be Unapologetic!!!!

This winter, being bombarded with so many things to fight for and such efforts to bring humanity to the brink of extinction, my head felt like it was going to explode. So many causes and candidates that need any small amount of change that I could muster together brought me to a point where I thought my head was going to explode. I have no money. Every time I hear of how much the moneyed class put into taking every dollar from hard working people…. I could go on. You all know how much I could go on.

Anyway, I’ve been in this sort of nesting mood. Wanting to do something to help. Wanting to give others a fighting chance. Wanting to give others a voice. Wanting to have a small amount of change to send to those who are fighting the big fight for all of us. And then it came to me.

Start conversation. Open eyes. Silently protest. Exercise your First Amendment right to free speech. And help fight the good fight.

PROMO CODE: gameonwp  until the Democratic Convention (July 16, 2020) for a primary season discount. 10% of all sales will ALWAYS be donated to candidates and causes that you care about.

The Accidental Revolutionary Store


Sacrifice Comes Many Forms

What a message for us all. If you don’t see the irony and symbolism in this, I feel for you. For one of those we fight so hard to save to lose its life so close to the one person who is hell bent on causing so much preventable death. This is what the world will be for all creatures if we don’t change right now. Think about it….

No access to pre-natal care, starvation wages, loss of reproductive rights, thousands of unwanted pregnancies born to women who are barely getting by alone, poisoned air, poisoned water…. How many babies will be lost if we keep going the way we are going?